Who we are

Who we are

We are an independent faith based organisation formed in 2010 to serve and help those People in Newport and beyond who are disadvantaged and on the fringes of society. To give them a place to come and to receive help and guidance.

We are also committed to other organisations who also serve the community in different ways. We hire inexpensive space to them in our large hall, or smaller rooms to conduct their own meetings in support of local people.

Centre Manager

Mike Scott

Centre Co-ordinator

Mandy Scott

Print Room Trainer

Mike Scott

Centre Operations

Willie Clason

Ron Prosser, The retired Lay Leader of Stow Park Ecumenical Church was the visionary who saw the need and created the Mission of the Church at Stow Park to build and set up the Community Centre to serve the disadvantaged and homeless people in Newport and beyond.

Venue Hire

We have various rooms for private hire. Feel free to get in touch to find out more.

Printing Project

Helping the young into work.
Find out more.

Food Bank

We provide food bags to homeless and vulnerable people in our area.
Find out more.