What we do

What we do

Basic Life Skills Courses (Soon to restart)

Cooking, Sewing, Computers, Gardening, Money Management, Health and Safety, and many others. Usually once a week for about an hour or two, relaxed learning in a friendly atmosphere

Coffee with Confidence (Soon to restart)

How about a coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, or anything really!) with a friendly person, who has a real interest in you. If you feel that you are socially a bit awkward or shy, please don’t worry, the person you’re with has a number of topics to chat about, and if you don’t really want to talk too much – that’s ok too!

Cafe Church (currently on Zoom)

Sundays from 5.30 pm. Time to have a cuppa, a slice of cake, maybe a sandwich or two, then some music, some prayer and a talk. We usually sit around a large table, and you are welcome to ask questions afterwards, so more tea and coffee then as well! Usually finishes about 7.00pm ish

Cafe Church – an extra cup! (currently on Zoom)

Even more chilled, Thursdays at 5.30, currently on Zoom, a time to chat, make yourself a cuppa, get your favourite biscuits out,  and relax listening to some good music, a couple of prayers, and find out what has been going on at the centre this week.


Health Help International based at Stow Park. Self Funding and working
in Zambia and India with spectacular Success.

Venue Hire

We have various rooms for private hire. Feel free to get in touch to find out more.

Printing Project

Helping the young into work.
Find out more.

Food Bank

We provide food bags to homeless and vulnerable people in our area.
Find out more.