Food Bank

Food Bank

We run a food bank that is now providing more than 150 food bags every week to homeless and vulnerable people in our area. That is more than 7800 food bags every year and this figure is rising all the time.

A food bag is designed to last for at least 3 days.

We also give out fresh bread plus fruit and vegetables and when we have them baby food and toiletries.

Normally official agencies authorise the collection by individuals to apply to the food bank.

We do not turn anyone away. Under the current lockdown we are supplying food to anyone who comes, regardless of any authorisation.


These are constantly being refreshed and supplied to the centre on almost daily basis. We collect unused bread from Sainsbury’s on week days. We receive donations of cash which is used to buy more food supplies needed. We also receive donations of food from churches and kind friends. In addition we receive bulk deliveries of food from another charity called FareShare. This organisation receives large supplies of food from national Super Markets who supply them with food no longer required for sale. It is not out of date. They then sell this food at a much reduced rate to other charities like us. This food has to be paid for by Stow Park at a cost of £2,200.00 every year.


If a person arrives without the necessary Voucher, we direct them to another Charity operating in our centre who will undertake to do the necessary administration to supply an authorised voucher.